LAJES AIRPORT is a multipurpose military/civilian airfield, ICAO/IATA codes LPLA/TER. Portuguese Air Force Air Base nº 4 also known as "Base das Lajes" or "Lajes field" is located to the east side of the 15-33 runway. On the opposite side there is a modern rebuilt civilian terminal, handling commuter, domestic, technical stops and international flights to / from and beyond Terceira island.
Lajes hosts a detachment of the United States Air Force known as the 65th Air Base Group, providing support to US Department of Defense assets, due to a bilateral agreement between Portugal and the USA known as Lajes bilateral Portugal - USA agreement.
The authority that presides over the airfield is the Portuguese Air Force, with the civilian terminal management under the umbrella of the Azorean Regional Government.
In order to use Terceira island Lajes airport as a destination or intermediate stop, operators need to apply for a PPR. All relevant procedures for this purpose can be found through the Civilian Terminal website, via this direct link or by direct contact with airport operations at phone + 351 295 545 461. Alternatively, the PPR may be obtained through any of the ground handling agents.
This facility receives both domestic and international traffic, is a EU point of entry provided with customs services with Schengen and non Schengen passenger approved areas. Ground handling services are offered by Groundlink, Sata Azores Airlines and Wexjet Support or via the civilian terminal webpage (ground administration and supervision key).
For arrivals/departures boards and other relevant information at the civilian terminal, please click here.
The civilian terminal has a convenient passenger lounge sponsored by Sata Azores Airlines, located airside, on the left hand side of the boarding hall, after the security checkpoint and a VIP lounge at arrivals level, dedicated for technical stops.
The latest statistics for this facility show an average of 784.413 passengers passing through in 2019 and 477.721 in 2010, representing a 60% increase in travel via Lajes airport.
What makes Terceira - Lajes airport a convenient stopover point?
a)  Lajes is provided with one of the longest and largest runways in the Northern hemisphere, 3312 meters long x 50 meters wide;
b)  Has a modern terminal building handling all kinds of civilian traffic;
c)  Has full rescue services to ARFF Category 8 according to the AIP Portugal, regularly published by the Portuguese regulatory agency NAV Portugal. Please note that category 9 criteria a/c have operated at Lajes, namely Airbus A340-300 on ACMI services to Azores Airlines;
d)  Is open 24/7. There are no night curfews;
e)  Appropriate security is provided at no cost to the operators;
f)   Convenient fuelling services provided by GALP ENERGIARefuelling with passengers on board has been reinstated since october 1st 2020. 
Stands for this purpose are Echo 08 and 09, just outside the fire department building;
g)  Catering service provided by A A C-Assistência a Aeronaves e Catering Lda;
h)  Lajes is one of the leading diversion sites in the North atlantic track in case of emergencies (medical or technical reasons) and was in the past one of NASA's Space Shuttle designated TAL - Transatlantic Abort Landing sites;
i) Plenty of hotel availability and transportation. Driving times downtown are just a mere 15 to 20 minutes. For crew and passengers resting there are several hotels at Terceira. Please turn to our hotels and resorts page for a detailed guide to these units.
For a comprehensive description about Lajes Airport and its history, read here.

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