The city of Praia da Vitória, located on the northeast side of Terceira island, holds the annual fests close to the municipality day of August 11th.
Every year, on the first two weeks of August, the "Festas da Praia" or "Praia Fests" attract thousands of foreigners from the Azores, mainland Portugal and abroad.
Praia fests have become famous for the "Atlantic Gastronomic Fair" that convenes regional, national and international fine cuisine restaurants who bring their best chefs, treating locals to the most appreciated delicacies. There are also patisserie booths from regional and foreigner enterprises who offer the most exquisite cake and sweet recipes.
Throughout the two week long fests, parades are also included, known as "marchas", Bullfights "tourada à corda" Terceira style held on the beach, several rock, jazz and national music bands performance, motor and nautical sports are held and a one off religious nautical parade is performed across the bay, facing Praia da Vitória, being this religious manifestation held by local fisherman who thank the Holy Mother of God for blessing and protecting them in their workmanship.
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