There are traditional dishes in Terceira that you must taste:
5. "Conventual patisserie" featuring the delicious Donas Amélias at O Forno pastry shop in downtown Angra do Heroísmo. Not to miss!
6. Choice of Castelinhos cheese and wine "verdelho dos biscoitos" delicatessen from Terceira island;
7. Queijo Vaquinha in Cinco Ribeiras parish, outside Angra, for handmade cheese. Plenty of choices. Not to miss!
For a choice of fine restaurants here´s a selection:
In Praia da Vitória district:
1. A Garça restaurant,
2. Ginsu japanese food restaurant,
3. Imperador (Rei do Peixe),
4. Marisqueira Sabores do Atlântico, (fresh fish/seafood), 
5. O Pescador
In Angra do Heroísmo district:
3. Boca Negra (for the best alcatra de peixe),
4. Caneta,
6. Moshi Moshi oriental food,
 10. Wok King oriental restaurant.

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