Atlantis is Atlantic Aeronautical Information Services, a freelance nonprofit private enterprise set up in 2005 with Azores Regional Government approval via a “Direcção Regional dos Transportes” directive issued February 6th 2006. Atlantis aims at:
a.    Tourism development in Terceira IslandAzores archipelago and, as a consequence…  
b.   …Air traffic development at Lajes Terceira island airport, taking advantage of its unexplored excellent facilities and convenient geographical location in the middle of the North Atlantic track, benefitting of the central positioning in the Azores group of islands.    
c.  Atlantis and local business partners thrive to offer a premium service to all operators.
Looking for exquisite travel, away from crowded resorts? Need a convenient rest and refueling stop in your transatlantic sojourn? Then…Your answer is:
   “Terceira island Lajes Airport, Gateway to the Atlantic, Global Crossroads legacy”  

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